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Elegant Fabrics provides a wide selection of quality fabrics to meet the needs of our varied customer base. We also offer our clientele dependable and satisfactory customer service, making your shopping experience with Elegant Fabrics a pleasant venture.

MariJane Horst


MariJane is a Daughter of the King and passionate about living her life as a representation of Him. She is also passionate about relationships with her family and many friends; it’s rarely inconvenient to take time for a phone chat or enjoying tea or coffee with a friend. She has many other interests, including hosting, traveling, and her love of fabric and sewing. As a young girl, she could hardly wait for the day when she would be old enough to use a sewing machine. Since then, her own sewing machine has been a way for her to express her boundless creativity. She has crafted anything from dresses to fuzzy baby blankets, outfits, fleece hats, and much more. Her personal fabric closet is often overflowing because she is always dreaming up her next sewing project.

In 2020 when the occasion arose to purchase Elegant Fabrics from Arnold and Grace Frey, MariJane took it as an opportunity to expand her creative outlet. After the transfer was made, she moved the business to Elmira. Along with the move, she enlarged the potential of Elegant Fabrics by launching an e-commerce site for online shoppers. She also plans to add a line of ready-to-purchase, “toddler-to-tween”-sized dresses.
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