About Us

Elegant Fabrics was started by Grace Frey in 2009 as an additional product line in the quilt and craft store that she was operating at the St Jacobs Farmer Market at the time. During the next few years this part of the business became her primary interest and focus and after significant growth the rest of the retail business was sold to a long time employee and the fashion fabric portion of the business was relocated to her daughter's garage in the village of Wallenstein ON. Two years later the store was moved to a retail location in the town of Elmira to accommodate the growing business.

Early in the time of getting into fabrics, Grace began "going on the road" to sell her product. A major portion of the growth in the business has come from the sales that have been generated by taking her fabric selection to her customers for them to see and purchase. Initially the sales trips were done with a suitcase full of samples that people ordered material from and the fabric was shipped to them when she returned from the trip. Grace soon concluded that what her customers would really appreciate is a mobile store that brings a fabric selection to their doorstep where they can choose fabric, make the purchase and take it home with them. So in the day of increasing internet based sales and reduced personal customer service by retailers Elegant Fabrics began travelling from community to community across Canada with a truck and trailer loaded with fabrics in a new variation of the travelling salesman of a time past.

Today the "travelling road show" is the majority of the business done by Elegant Fabrics and it continues to add more sales locations and reach more people as requests come in for the "fabric truck" to pay them a visit. Elegant Fabrics strives to carry a large selection of quality fabrics across a wide range of styles and types to meet the varied needs of the diverse market that it is covering. As major retailers cut back on fabric inventory because their market for the product is shrinking and small fabric stores struggle to move inventory to a limited customer base, Elegant Fabrics goal is to be a dependable supplier of the varied fabric needs that its customers are looking for. We will continue to learn from our customers on how we can better supply the needs they have and as such we welcome your feedback and input to us as we work to improve on the business model that we are developing.

Starting in 2017 Elegant Fabrics began printing some of its own fabric designs. These designs are by Chearie Design and are exclusive to Elegant Fabrics. We will continue to add to this collection and are welcoming customer feedback on what they feel is a need in the marketplace. We are excited about having our own prints and expect that this will be a growing part of our business.

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